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Get Up & Move, Else You May Suffer Damage from Extended Sitting

These days, life has become extremely unpredictable. Most people are facing a difficult time. With the panic of the spreading pandemic and balancing work from home, things have become quite hectic.

But the good part is that everyone is with their family all day long. The people who used to be away from home owing to work now spend all their time at home.

But even before the outbreak of the virus, health issues due to extended working hours were the same. People used to sit for several hours in front of computer screens with their necks tilted at the wrong angles, and their eyes glued to the monitors.

This has only worsened with the work from home regime since now people can’t seem to differentiate work life from home life.

And, although working hours for many people have begun to stretch well into the night, continuously sitting in a particular posture can have long term adverse effects on your health.


Unsplash | Sitting for extended hours can have adverse health effects

Why Experts Advise Against Sitting for Long Duration

According to medical experts, extended bouts of sitting can trigger risky health issues like heart failure, and in worse cases, even death.

Excessively sitting in one position causes the multiplication of triglycerides in the bloodstream, resulting in your muscles contracting less than they should. Ideally, your body should be able to continuously break up triglycerides, which happens when you keep moving around.


Unsplash | Sitting for hours in one posture can cause neck pain and worse problems

Taking a Break and Doing Any Physical Activity Is Highly Recommended

According to a study published in the journal of Medicine & Science, high-intensity physical activity like speedy pedaling on a stationary bicycle or a quick run around your house are good ways to start burning up the triglycerides. You could even try to engage in fast sprints of intensive exercises for as little as intervals of 5 minutes throughout the day.

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Such short and frequent physical activity sessions throughout the day can make a significant difference in your health and overall wellbeing. Additionally, there are several little things you can do right from your desk if leaving your seat isn’t feasible:

  • Stand up and sit down five times
  • Roll your neck
  • Extend your arms and legs
  • Press your palms to your eyes
  • If you can take a short break, walk around the house. Go to the yard or the balcony and get some fresh air

These things may seem little, but if you don’t do even this much and keep sitting in the same posture for several hours, your body might collapse without warning. Thus, do everything you can to keep it functioning correctly.


Unsplash | 5-minute exercises can help reduce fatigue

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Wrapping it up

We hope the ideas shared above will assist you during your intense working schedules. These are the key mantras for healthily working for extended hours. If you follow these little things, you will surely be relieved from bodily stress.

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